Uncovering The Hidden Secrets of Persona 3 Portable: A Consolefin Review

Persona 3 Portable is Atlas’s popular JRPG, who arrived at current consoles at the same time as Persona 4 Golden.

Portable, released for PSP in 2009, is slightly different in style from its previous versions.

dark hour

The free-to-name protagonist-whose sex can be exceptionally selected at the beginning of the game-arrives at the city of Iwatodai at midnight.
At the same time, Dark Hour begins, which affects the world around him, but not the protagonist who continues his journey, shrugging.
After a twilight attack in the dormitory and arousing Persona, the protagonist is recruited to the SES: an organization that, through Personal, fights the shadows during the Dark Hour.
At the same time, the group is tasked with exploring a tower called Tartarus, which always appears at the time of Dark Hour’s city high school, with the aim of reaching the top of the tower.
As usual, studying, practicing and spending time with friends.
Exploration of Tartarus does not have the actual time limit, but there are always stronger shadows in the world that must be overcome in the world to promote the story.
After defeating these shadows, more areas to be studied will open.
The story is fascinating and different, and I have a curiosity about what Tartarus is expecting.
The strength of the game is in the characters and the story.

special solutions

As a new fan of the series, the previous versions of its previous versions have no experience.
Nonetheless, Portable’s different style is not very attractive.
The map does not move yourself, but you move to the places with the help of a cursor-it does not attract you to explore or explore the world.
The conversations are also fully handled by icons, on a static background.
It’s not really the downside, but getting into the game, at least for me, suffered from this solution.


Also, replacing animation scenes with the game’s own animation seems a bit funny.
The persuasion of the scene really suffers a lot when it occurs by an expressionless game character instead of the anime scene.
These too are certain tastes, and I personally like the game style where the character can move on the map itself.
Otherwise, everything works as it should, the gameplay is light and smooth and the battles are fun.
Every person in Persona follows the same turn-based battle style, where you can decide on the characters’ activities yourself, or leave it to artificial intelligence.
The menus are simple and easy, and you learn how to use them quickly.
Well-built battles are one of my favorite drawings in the series.
Exploring Tartarus is also addictive-often playing gambled longer than I thought I was looking for another layer.
Persona 3 Portable is worth all of its annoyance, although it did not quite get the signatory.

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