6 -inch portable monitor, MSI MP161: Ultra Slim and Portable for Enhanced Mobility.

MS I Korea (CEO Public Book) has launched a new 15.6-inch portable monitor MSI MP161 new product, which enhances portability in its compact size.

MSI MP161, which adopts the size of 15.6, weighs 750g and thickness of 10.8 mm, MSI MP161 has a monitor performance by applying a clear IPS panel without distortion to Fulled (19201080) resolution.

The MSI MP161, which supports the TYPE-C port and HDMI MINI port, is compatible with the perfect Samsung DEX and mirroring, so you can watch video through a larger screen as well as a variety of work using your smartphone.
In addition, the laptop alone expands the screen space that was not enough and used it as a laptop auxiliary monitor, while using it in connection with console games such as PS5/Xbox/Nintendo.

In addition, starting with the adaptive sink that matches the soft screen immersion by matching the frame and the monitor refresh rate per second, the two built-in speakers, the folding kickstand that can fix it in horizontal and vertical mode, and the pouch that can protect the monitor more safely
The convenience function is noticeable until it is noticeable.

In particular, the MSI Eyes ergo technology, which can protect the user’s eye health, is applied to minimize the exposure of three harmful elements (light reflections of the screen, excessive blue light, fine blinking) that occur from the screen.

Meanwhile, the new product MSI MP161 is focusing on paying attention by participating in the G-Market Digital Big Sale, which is held from February 6 to 14, 2023, to commemorate the launch of the launch.

An MSI official said, We have prepared a new portable monitor that can be easily carried regardless of the place.
It is a product that can be used more than the frustrating smartphone screen, and it can expand the lack of laptop screens.

Additional information on the MSI monitor can be found on the MSI Korea website and MSI Korea official Facebook or MSI Korea official Instagram.

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