Everything You Need to Know About Being Born A Woman In BitLife: Florida Edition

One of the most striking features of the players since the release of Bit life is the character setting menu.
You can configure almost everything from the appearance of the character to the place of birth.
On this note, the last test N Wild requires you to create a character from Florida.
By default, the game does not allow you to choose a staff as a place of birth.
Instead, you must choose a city from this state to fulfill the criteria.
Since we need a character from Florida, we can choose areas such as Miami or Orlando to fulfill the target.

How to create a female character from the USA in Bit life

Open Bit life and click a three-lane icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
In a new window, select a new life option.
Now the character setup is coming.
Choose the female floor as a floor and give your character any name you like from your choice.
For the country, select the United States and choose any of the following cities of Florida as a city of birth.
After you have chosen any of the mentioned cities, click the Start Life button.
VoilĂ , you created a female character from Florida in Bit life.
After the launch of life, the first goal in testing WET N Wild will be marked as completed, and you can continue to fulfill the remaining part of the test.

If you have a DLC God Mode, it is better to increase the LOOK attribute of your character.
This will help you quickly fulfill the remaining test tasks.


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