Discover How to Grow Things Faster at the Hogwarts Heritage in Your Fifth Year of Study

As the fifth year of study at the Hogwarts Heritage, the need for high crop of agricultural crops is becoming more and more important.
It is possible to quickly get used to the Malta leaves such as mallow leaves, and combat plants are a vital tool for destroying large groups of enemies.
Here’s how you can get the maximum return from these garden sessions.

Councils on Gardening from Hogwarts Heritage

When you plant something in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to wait a certain amount of playing time before this item is ready to collect.
Although there is no way to go around the waiting period, you can maximize the amount of crop by performing a few simple steps.

make a room

To plant more than one item at a time, you will need either a table with several pots or several tables.
We recommend that you place a set of small, medium and large tables for seedlings in the desired room and make sure that there is more than one pot available for planting on each table for seedlings.
Place the tables for seedlings along the walls of the room, as well as rows towards the center so that you can easily move between several sections of tables for seedlings.

Use fertilizer

If you do not have a place where you can afford seedlings with several pots, or you do not want to devote all your room to gardening, you should invest in fertilizer.
The use of this compost on planted seeds will increase productivity and simplify the care of the garden.
Fertilizer can be bought or done yourself.
In Hogsmeade, you can take the fertilizer from the magic NIP and Civil and a pale hat.
It costs 300 coins per bag of fertilizers, and this cost can quickly increase if you are planting a bunch of seeds.

If you want to make fertilizer yourself, go to volumes and scrolls and throw a one-time purchase of 1000 coins for a spell for a poorer of manure.


This machine will periodically create fertilizer, which works as well as everything you find in the store.
Looking for more of the Hogwarts Heritage in the game manuals for professionals?
See what to do on the wall with a map in the southern wing in the Hogwarts heritage.

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