Where to Find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest – Tips for Equipping Yourself for Survival in the New Creation Game

When a new creation survival game comes out, players know that they must be ready to explore and equip themselves with armor and tools as soon as possible.

Sons of the Forest was recently launched, and the map may seem discouraging at the beginning for players who are not familiar with The Forest or even for life fans.
There are many caves to explore and many of them require the exploration of other caves before continuing through them becomes an option.
Tools such as the shovel tend to be at the end of such caves, which means that people can wonder where to look for.
If you want to know where to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest lea below.

Where to find the blade in Sons of the Forest

Before shooting weapons to locate the shovel in Sons of the Forest, you must keep in mind that you must first have a couple of other tools.
These include the referrer and the Rope Gun.
Once you have them, go to the cave located in the area marked with a circle on the map shown below.
It will be at the foot of the Nevada mountain range.
Image source: through end night
Once you reach the cave, it is simply a matter of reaching the shovel.
Follow the steps listed below and should be there in a short time, just be well-equipped and be sure to be careful with the mutant cannibals:
Use your rope gun to throw yourself in Tireless in the hole at the entrance of the cave.
Immerse yourself in the water and use your re-dear so that you will not suffocate while descending through the passages below.
When leaving the water, fight against the mutants and take the neoprene suit of the soil.
Continue fighting against the mutants after going down the steep slope towards a pool.


  • Go through the opening until you meet two dead miners.
  • Go to the right to get an optional flashlight accessory for your weapons, or continue straight through more fighting with mutants.
  • When you reach the end you will see the body of another miner with a shovel on your body.
    Image source: through end night
    Now you can grab the shovel for yourself and get out of the cave to return to safety.
    That is all you need to know about where to find the blade in Sons of the Forest, so return to those caves and take your new tool.
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