Why Final Fantasy 16 is Exclusively Available on PlayStation 5 – Devs Explain Reasons Behind the Exclusivity

The Last Fantasy 16 video game, among the Square Enix titles most awaited for 2023, will just be available for PlayStation 5 on the day of its official release, which will be on June 22 this year.

According to the developer herself, this exclusivity will result from the PlayStation Power relating to the combat and aesthetic graphics of the future RPG of the franchise.
This is because the video game was established with the fight system relying on the memory of the console, while the transfer rate was designed for the PS5 system.
In an interview with the IGN website, Square Enix explained a few of the points that were leading the neighborhood to be discouraged by the special video game, the lack of a multiplatform solution that was visualized by the game marketing.


Naomi Yeshiva, the video game’s manufacturer, claimed the video game’s growth team only handled to make excellent transitions in between cutscenes and combat due to the fact that of the PlayStation 5 system.
The fight concerned, according to the IGN, is the one that involves Nikon.
These fights are visually substantial, also if the battle is in the basic design.
Although this debate can be countered with a computer constructed with cutting edge components, Kyoto Suzuki, the game’s fight director, stated that without the PS5 machine the game would still be under development.
The disagreements of the group behind Final Fantasy 16, nonetheless, do not take into consideration that the cutscenes appear to be the only factor to attempt to encourage their audience to buy a new console on leaf.
If this is the instance, it is risk-free to state that an additional device of the new generation can have the very same capability to run the needed components for an impactful visual experience.
Anyway, we will need to wait on the objection of PS5 individuals when the game is released so that it is much more clear to examine the factor behind exclusivity.

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