Face the Dreaded Flame Bazual and Get Item Level 395 Loot – World Boss Spawns in Azure Span on March 22nd!

Today’s globe employer is none apart from Manual who generates in Azure Period and drops Thing Level 395 loot!

The specific location is highlighted on the map listed below.

Manual, The Dreaded Fire

  • Magmatic Vestments (Towel Chest).


  • Magic Irons (Plate Wrist).

  • Cinder fang Wrap (Natural Leather Midsection).
  • Basalt Brood Stompers (Mail Feet).
  • Smoldering Sulfur on Signet (Ring).

Manual’s unique connection to the Aircraft of Fire permits him to directly siphon power from the Fir elands. With the aid of the Primarily pressures, Manual is expanding sites to the Fir elands in the Azure Period.

Manual Loot

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